Sports Diversity



Through academic excellence, athletic skill development and community / cultural experiences, it is our ultimate goal at ECV to help produce long-term outstanding citizens who continue to stay physically active.





Finding time in the busy schedules of high performance athletes to experience other areas of interest can be difficult which is why we ensure they have time to try new things. From surfing, biking, paddling, yoga, wakeboarding and bowling we’ve done it all here at ECV! Our goal is to introduce as many lifelong sports as possible to ensure our students stay active well beyond their competitive years.




The multisport and excursion activities incorporated in Fitness Leadership have given my son, James the tools to become a better student-athlete than we could have ever imagined. As parents, we feel that James would not have been afforded these amazing opportunities in other academic settings. These multisport activities such as wakeboarding, paddleboarding, rocking climbing, and surfing have been so important helping build James’ leadership and character attributes. Skills he will always carry with him. – Jim Harrison