A teacher guiding a student into a lunging stretch.

Daily Physical Activity

Active bodies lead to active minds.

As an institution that places a tremendous amount of value on a healthy mind and a healthy body, students are physically active for at least 60 minutes every day. Every ECV’er has the opportunity to experience a large variety of sports and games, on and off-campus, throughout the school year.

Weekly off campus opportunities for our younger students.

With activities like swimming lessons at the Sportsplex, skiing at Martock, gymnastics at Titans and events such as dragon boating.

A teacher guiding young skaters into a skating exercise.
A group of students doing ladder jumps on the turf.

Daily on campus physical activities for younger ECV’ers.

We focus on developing physical literacy, which includes learning to skate, and field sports such as soccer. In addition to our structured daily physical activity, we also get outside play every day.

Our daughter absolutely loves ECV. It’s been fantastic watching her learn a variety of new activities, such as skating and skiing.

Courtney & Cory,
Parents of ECV Pre-primary student

For our older students

Our Daily On-Campus Sports for our older students offer more specialization in sports such as hockey, figure skating, soccer and dance and are lead by some of the best coaches in the Province.

A teacher showing a student how to perform a hockey drill.
A teacher helping a student with their arm form.
Kids watching two students do a soccer drill.

Our older students also have lots of off-campus physical activity fun.

With activities like skiing and snowboarding at Martock, paddle boarding on Lake Banook, outdoor adventures at OnTree, and surfing in Lawrencetown.