More Sports






Our Soccer program is led by Mr. Zach Bauld. Three times per week our soccer players get to work improving their fundamental skills including dribbling, passing, and ball control, all under the supervision of top tier coaching which also emphasizes the most important aspect which is having FUN!!





To help our students continue to be well rounded overall athletes every week includes exposure to an array of different sports including volleyball, basketball, floorball and more. Guest instructors help our students learn these new sports and receive the benefits of cross training.



“The students were engaged, disciplined and honestly wanted to learn about our sport, a new sport for them. I am not surprised as the students have an affinity to learn and play sports. This was evident by the way they listened, asked intelligent questions and then took so easily to the sport, quickly embracing its difference to (indoor) hockey and bringing their game to a highly competitive play in a short period of time.” – Anthony Macneil from Premier Floorball