Middle School – Grades 6,7,8

At East Coast Varsity, we believe a partnership between physically active lifestyles and lifelong learning is vital for one to achieve their best selves. 

Kinaesthetic learners are engaged with the environment around them; movement energizes the body, stimulates the brain and allows students to comprehend their curriculum in a manner that is beyond the education they would receive only in the classroom.

Operating to the province of Nova Scotia’s education standards, we engage our student leaders by providing a learning environment, in and out of the classroom, that is academically and socially stimulating and conducive for all learners. ECV classrooms and teaching address not only academic, conceptual based learning, but also strongly focus on the development of social education, and key learning processes and skills, such as reading, writing, and use of IT integration.

The middle years of one’s education can be a sensitive time in a students life; a time of growth. Our specialized staff offer individual plans that facilitate and document steps to aid all learners with direction that is specific to the individual and their goals. Students in the middle years program at East Coast Varsity can look forward to our module rotations as well, where they will be introduced to drama, music, languages, cooking, coding and visual arts. ECV offers a holistic approach by provincially certified (ITC) teachers that provide our students with the opportunity to develop their academic and athletic potential and prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities of global citizenship.


Core NS curriculum outcomes used in daily teachings

Individual programs created to help achieve full academic potential

Module programming (French, drama, music, art, leadership ) to encourage exploration

Daily physical activity to help stimulate the mind, improve focus & attention





Skill based instruction from experienced coaching staff  – no teams at ECV

Work closely with local organizations on skill development & individual student needs

Programming in sportsmanship & teamwork

Focus on multi sport to enhance development of well rounded, engaged athletes





Academic & athletic mentorship programming with younger ECV students

Off site outcome exploration, team building and social experiences

Unstructured play and some outdoor fun