International Students

East Coast Varsity is proud to offer an International Student Program that continually enriches our school’s sense of global awareness, cultural differences and inclusive classrooms.We look for one simple attribute in our international students, that they’re great kids. A base skill set in English is mandatory, however through immersion in our academic & athletic programming, students leave ECV with a higher level of fluency in English and community relationships that last a lifetime.



Matching our international students with host families requires attention to detail on both ends. At ECV we comb through both applications (student and host) matching gender, grades, athletics and hobbies if possible. All of our host families are properly vetted with criminal record / child abuse registry checks, home visits and continual home visits / follow up throughout the year.





From a day 1 greeting at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport to tears and hugs as they depart in June, it is our mission to ensure all international students feel warm and welcomed throughout the entire year – they’re simply another member of the ECV family!




“From getting off the plane, to my first tour of the school, to meeting my host family, the ECV community welcomed me with open arms making me feel so comfortable, safe and loved. At ECV I’ve experienced things in and outside of school that I definietly wouldn’t have tried at homeFrom skiing, skating outdoors, surfing and wake boarding, ECV is a place where you can push yourself to your limits and be the best at trying something new.” – Andrea, Grade 10 International Student