The first step in the East Coast Varsity Admission process is joining us for a trial day. Trial days allow all of us to spend some time together and ensure there is a mutual fit.

To join us for a trial day for a trial day please fill out and submit the following form: 

Our goal is to make becoming a member of ECV affordable and within financial reach for as many local families as possible.

Upon acceptance to East Coast Varsity, there is a $1,000 non-refundable deposit required.

The balance of the tuition in addition to deposit shown in the chart on the right.


1. Are there options to help costs?

Yes, as we strive to make becoming a member 

of the ECV as affordable and within financial 

reach for as many local families as possible, 

we offer a number ways to help with cost including:

Monthly payment plan options 

Discounts for multiple family members

Opportunity to host international students

Other ideas – please ask us!

2. What additional fees are there?

In addition to deposit and tuition, the other fee is for uniforms.

We do not charge additional fees for sports, facilities, or bonds.

3. How do your prices compare?

A comparative example is shown in the chart on the right.